New Book Announcement

Seeing that countless booklovers in different countries, at launches or by email, ask me questions about Cuba, I felt it worthwhile to write a non-fiction book about my country of birth recounting the 20th century’s most important political, economic and social events, and the challenges that I believe Cuba will have to deal with in the future.

I strove to be as unbiased as possible, but a significant part of the text deals with recurrent violations of vital human and civic rights, economic and financial absurdities, and social disintegration both before and after the revolution.

The title of the book is Cuba: revolution, involution, evolution. You can read the Introduction for free. You can also buy it immediately. This is one of the great advantages of electronic publishing.

If you don’t own an ereader, you can still read it on a desktop application (for PC or Mac, but downloading this free software from Adobe. It can also be read on a smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and on a tablet (Playbook, Galaxy, iPad). It can’t be printed, though.

Should you want to take a look, click here.

In Canada and the US it will set you back $4.99. In the U.K., £3.99. Where euro is the official currency the price is €3.99. In other countries
the price varies according to rates of exchange, but in all nations it is inexpensive, another great benefit of electronic publishing.

Should you know that some of your relatives, friends or acquaintances are interested in the topic, I would be grateful if you forward this to them.

Best wishes,

José Latour

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