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Pres­i­dents and Prime Min­is­ters: The United States of Amer­ica and the Repub­lic of Cuba have been in a col­li­sion course for much more than the 56 years since, under the lead­er­ship of Fidel Cas­tro, the Rebel Army defeated a cor­rupt and mur­der­ous tyrant and his Army. The Platt Amend­ment was imposed on the Cuban Con­sti­tu­tion in […]


Update on Cuba-US Rapprochement

It’s clear as noon in Havana (and not at all a sur­prise) that the Com­mu­nist party is doing all it can to ruin Obama’s ini­tia­tive by list­ing demands that they per­fectly well know are impos­si­ble for the Obama admin­is­tra­tion to accept.

About Multiculturalism

Dur­ing the first four­teen years of this cen­tury immi­grants or their descen­dants com­mit­ted crimes in many coun­tries. The worse, moti­vated by polit­i­cal or reli­gious rea­sons, were reported by the inter­na­tional media. Acts of vio­lence com­mit­ted against a fam­ily mem­ber received local cov­er­age but not much abroad. Few dis­pute that the vast major­ity of immi­grants are […]

José Latour to Talk at the Toronto Public Library About Cuba

On April 17, I will talk about con­flicts in Cuba related to before, dur­ing, and after the rev­o­lu­tion of 1959.

The 24-Hour News Cycle in 2013

The cycle prob­a­bly started when Ted Turner pieced together CNN, but with­out the sci­en­tific and tech­no­log­i­cal advances in com­mu­ni­ca­tions and com­put­ers that ener­gize You Tube, Google, Twit­ter, et al, plus the bat­tle for audi­ences and read­ers in the media, it wouldn’t have turned into a mon­ster. Prac­ti­cally there is no limit to what will get […]

Role models and the choice of professions

A debate on the qual­ity and future of edu­ca­tion has been going on for some years now. Many top­ics are dis­cussed, from tiger moms in Asia to the fac­tors that make teach­ing an uninvit­ing pro­fes­sion. At present some geneti­cists argue that genes affect how peo­ple learn to read and write and how they learn mathematics […]

Greenpeace and The Environment

The debate about how seri­ous the degra­da­tion of global envi­ron­ment really is has many peo­ple con­fused. Higher tem­per­a­tures and unprece­dented nat­ural dis­as­ters indi­cate that the gazil­lions of tons of CO2 emit­ted to the atmos­phere in the last two cen­turies must have altered the planet’s ecol­ogy. Sci­en­tists and most com­mon­sen­si­cal peo­ple agree on that but disagree […]