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Hypothetical Bright Futures Versus Dark Pasts

The Cuban experience shows that when it comes to politics, we should all be suspicious of saviours.


Fidel Castro’s Letter to Obama

Precious few people reach 90 in possession of all their mental faculties, so when this morning I learned that Fidel Castro had penned a 1,500-word letter to President Obama, I thought that reading it would give me an idea of the state of the dictator’s mind. Probably he dictated to a secretary and then asked […]

President Obama Goes to Cuba

Is it surprising that Barack Obama will visit Cuba in March? I don’t think so. But what does the Cuban political elite plan to do as the rapprochement advances?

Anniversary of a National Disaster

On January 1st, 1959, a jubilant Cuba greeted the flight of a dictator and his henchmen. Castro, the new leader, made the nation experience its worst political, economic and social disaster in the 20th century.

On Climate Change

The Economist, a British weekly, in its November 28th to December 4th issue, has a 14-page Special Report titled Hot and Bothered that has made things much clearer to me. I strongly recommend it to those who are interested in this important topic.

Cuba, Canada and Their Politicians

From the standpoints of history, geography, languages, races, climate and systems of government, Cuba and Canada are very different countries. But surprisingly, some of their politicians share amazing characteristi

On Equality

Therefore, when the judicial advisory committee submits a list of suitable candidates to the Prime Minister or the provincial Premiers, said elected government officials know that whomever they appoint are fully vetted, qualified, and capable persons who know the law.