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On Climate Change

The Economist, a British weekly, in its November 28th to December 4th issue, has a 14-page Special Report titled Hot and Bothered that has made things much clearer to me. I strongly recommend it to those who are interested in this important topic.

Cuba, Canada and Their Politicians

From the standpoints of history, geography, languages, races, climate and systems of government, Cuba and Canada are very different countries. But surprisingly, some of their politicians share amazing characteristi


The best works of arts, past and present, should be accessible to billions. The goal is to expose, not impose, the finest of the arts to as most living humans as possible. Children in particular should be educated in the arts from the cradle. In childhood the human mind absorbs the artistic expressions that family, […]

Teachers’ Salaries in Canada

The information I paste below is from pages 87 to 90 of the report:  EDUCATION INDICATORS IN CANADA : AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE 2012 which can be read in its entirety here. It makes interesting reading: “For all levels taught, starting salaries in Canada and its provinces and territories were generally consistently higher than the OECD […]

The 24-Hour News Cycle in 2013

The cycle probably started when Ted Turner pieced together CNN, but without the scientific and technological advances in communications and computers that energize You Tube, Google, Twitter, et al, plus the battle for audiences and readers in the media, it wouldn’t have turned into a monster. Practically there is no limit to what will get […]

The Situation in Syria

In what concerns Syria’s civil war and the recent use of chemical weapons against civilians, it seems as if hundreds of millions of people share the opinion that the best course Western democracies could follow is to help the refugees, demand that the criminals are brought to justice, wait for irrefutable evidence about who gassed […]

Yunel Escobar’s slur didn’t come from left field

Two or three minutes after I saw the photo of Escobar’s cheeks and read the news stories, I considered writing this. But I decided to wait until things returned to normal so people would read me with cooler heads. It’s important to say I’ve never met the Toronto Blue Jays short-stop and don’t think I […]