The Reviews

“Set at the climax of the Cold War, Riders of Land and Tide is a Tom-Clancy-style thriller that centres on a drug-fuelled mutiny aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine in the Caribbean. Action, suspense, plot: It delivers all that the genre promises, as one would expect from a veteran once described by The Globe’s Margaret Cannon as ‘a classic noir writer.'”
The Globe and Mail

Crime of Fashion is Latour’s best novel to date, and that’s saying plenty. He really lets himself go in this one, and it’s funny, smart, and a terrific take on Hogtown, all rolled into one book.”
The Globe and Mail

“José Latour is a master of the dark, gritty mystery thriller in two languages.”
Toronto Sun

“Latour writes beautifully in prose that’s lean and lucid and never overwhelmed by noir “style”.
Kirkus Reviews

“Cuba has been closed world for most of us decades now, and Cuban crime fiction has remained a well-kept secret. It’s alive and well, and brilliantly represented by José Latour.”
Lawrence Block, author of Eight Million Ways to Die and A Dance to the Slaughterhouse

“The tension that arises and falls throughout the book heightens towards the end, to the point that my eyes wanted to leap ahead. I found myself forced to cover the bottom of the final pages with my hand as to savour each delicious moment of suspense.”
The Globe and Mail

“Latour’s superbly atmospheric thriller, with its eye-opening portrait of contemporary Cuba, is one of the most original and exciting crime novels I’ve read in ages.”
Mail on Sunday

Outcast is warm, human, often funny and consistently interesting — a fast, rich read.”
Los Angeles Times

“Latour takes as much time and forethought to develop characters worth caring about as he does to illustrate Cuba’s political structure.”

“With this brilliant espionage novel peopled by characters of unparalleled intelligence, Latour delivers a tour-de-force of intrigue.”
– Library Journal