The Reviews

“Set at the cli­max of the Cold War, Rid­ers of Land and Tide is a Tom-Clancy-style thriller that cen­tres on a drug-fuelled mutiny aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear sub­ma­rine in the Caribbean. Action, sus­pense, plot: It deliv­ers all that the genre promises, as one would expect from a vet­eran once described by The Globe’s Mar­garet Can­non as ‘a clas­sic noir writer.’”
The Globe and Mail

Crime of Fash­ion is Latour’s best novel to date, and that’s say­ing plenty. He really lets him­self go in this one, and it’s funny, smart, and a ter­rific take on Hog­town, all rolled into one book.“
The Globe and Mail

“José Latour is a mas­ter of the dark, gritty mys­tery thriller in two lan­guages.“
Toronto Sun

“Latour writes beau­ti­fully in prose that’s lean and lucid and never over­whelmed by noir “style”.
Kirkus Reviews

“Cuba has been closed world for most of us decades now, and Cuban crime fic­tion has remained a well-kept secret. It’s alive and well, and bril­liantly rep­re­sented by José Latour.”
Lawrence Block, author of Eight Mil­lion Ways to Die and A Dance to the Slaughterhouse

“The ten­sion that arises and falls through­out the book height­ens towards the end, to the point that my eyes wanted to leap ahead. I found myself forced to cover the bot­tom of the final pages with my hand as to savour each deli­cious moment of sus­pense.“
The Globe and Mail

“Latour’s superbly atmos­pheric thriller, with its eye-opening por­trait of con­tem­po­rary Cuba, is one of the most orig­i­nal and excit­ing crime nov­els I’ve read in ages.“
Mail on Sunday

Out­cast is warm, human, often funny and con­sis­tently inter­est­ing — a fast, rich read.“
Los Ange­les Times

“Latour takes as much time and fore­thought to develop char­ac­ters worth car­ing about as he does to illus­trate Cuba’s polit­i­cal struc­ture.“

“With this bril­liant espi­onage novel peo­pled by char­ac­ters of unpar­al­leled intel­li­gence, Latour deliv­ers a tour-de-force of intrigue.“
- Library Journal